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New CD Fundraising Video!

SULTANS OF STRING are recording our fifth CD… with sitar virtuoso ANWAR KHURSHID. We are calling it Subcontinental Drift. In this special recording, Sultans of String meet the electricity of the sitar in an innovative collaboration that transcends categorization. Anwar’s sitar playing has been featured in Oscar-winning film Life of Pi and The Love Guru. Originally from Pakistan, Anwar now makes Canada his home, regularly collaborating with musicians from other genres. 
Music has the ability to bring together people and cultures in a way that emulates what we love to see in the world, creating a collaboration that breaks down the barriers that divide us, and helping us to see our common humanity, and providing a model for peace.

Please check out the video link here http://www.kapipal.com/sultansofstringwithanwarkhurshidSultans of String w Anwar Kurshid 1 small