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Subcontinental Drift on the Grammy Ballot!

Hello all! For many of you this may be your first email from me, even if you signed up on our email list a couple of years ago. Thanks for your patience while we worked out the kinks in the new system. And if you were already a subscriber, many thanks for sticking with us!  We promise not to inundate you and we are ever grateful for your support. And now for the news…

We were notified today that Sultans of String has made it onto the Official Ballot for the 59th Annual GRAMMY AWARDS with our CD, SUBCONTINENTAL DRIFT. It’s an honor to be placed on the ballot and we need your help to get us into the Final Top 5 Nominees.

If you’re a voting member of the Recording Academy, we ask for your consideration. Also please share this album with your fellow NARAS members. The Grammy ballots have now been sent to all voting members and must be received by the Academy by November 4.

I feel so privileged to be a part of this band and want to do whatever I can to help us reach this goal. This album features special guest/sitar master Anwar Khurshid (Oscar winning Life of Pi).Together we started writing songs about the freedom and equality we experience living here in North America, and our hope of creating a better world. I feel in some way that these songs reflect our own personal journeys towards finding a world peace.

“Energetic and exciting music from a band with talent to burn!” – Maverick Magazine UK

Listen online here: http://tinyurl.com/j2ydn5s

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Thanks so much for your support!