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Subcontinental Drift nominated for 2017 JUNO Awards – World Music Album of the Year!

We are so excited about this! This is our third JUNO Award nomination for our group, and it is always a thrill. A nomination is a great way for people to see what the band is up to. When we tour internationally, it is another thing to help us be noticed. This one means a lot to us on a personal level too because we collaborated with Pakistani-Canadian special guest/sitar master Anwar Khurshid (Oscar winning Life of Pi). He now makes Canada his home and given what is happening in the world I think this is a beautiful example of what it means to be a Canadian, finding strength in diversity and the coming together of cultures.

A special thanks to our fans, family and friends for their support, as well as our wonderful funders!

This nomination comes on the heels of whirlwind North American and UK Subcontinental Drift tours, including a special appearance organized by the High Commission at London’s Trafalgar Square. Distributed by Fontana North in Canada, the album hit #1 in Canada on Earshot’s international charts, top 10 on the American CMJ charts and top 15 on Billboard’s World Music charts in the U.S. It also got picked up for distribution in the U.S. by CEN/SONY and by Proper in Europe.


If you have not seen them yet, check out some of our VIDEOS:

“Enter The Gate” https://youtu.be/y8mKJL4SvpQ

“Rakes of Mallow” https://youtu.be/EaBggUOD7ow

“Blowin’ In The Wind” https://youtu.be/2CfQOrdOB3U

And check it out the new DELUXE version on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/subcontinental-drift-deluxe/id1147280594

Subcontinental Drift