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Happy Canada Day!


Happy Canada Day friends! Click on the flag to hear our version of O Canada


And if you have children, come see my free family shows this Sunday at Ontario Place at 2:00 PM (Earth, Seas & Air) and 4:15 PM (FiddleFire!) More info here http://ontarioplace.com/en/musicintrilliumpark/

English version on YouTube

Bilingual version on YouTube


As bandleader Chris McKhool explains, music is a perfect medium for uniting people for social justice: “What I really love about music is its ability to bring together people and cultures in a way that emulates what we love to see in the world, creating collaborations that break down the barriers that divide us, helping us to see our common humanity, and providing a model for peace. So we went into the streets of Toronto and invited people to write a message on our ‘Peace Kite’, and then flew it to spread the message of inclusion and peace across the country. Making this video revealed the tremendous generosity and goodwill of regular Canadians, and the gratitude and pride we all feel about our country. It also reminded us of Canada’s important reputation as a peacekeeping nation, and a haven to which people from around the world find freedom from persecution and war.”