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New Video with Nikki Yanofsky, and happy holidays!

Hello friends, just one last email before the holiday break…

Many thanks from all of us for supporting our live shows this season!  And thanks to you, our fundraising efforts for the United Nations Refugee Agency has reached 80% of our goal! https://fundraise.unhcr.ca/sultansofstring

And we have a new video. You rarely ever hear the introduction (what used to be called the “verse”) on “The Christmas Song”. Mel Torme added that little four-line intro, years after he wrote it. Platinum-selling jazz vocalist Nikki Yanofsky really wanted to perform that particular song for our Christmas Caravan project. When I discovered that verse, I was very excited since we’re always trying to bring something new and fresh to our arrangements. And even though that’s actually a very old verse, I never in my life had heard it before until I discovered it in an ancient archival film of Mel Tormé singing the song. I asked Nikki if she would sing that with the new arrangement. And she did a gorgeous job. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/3UVzkRE8OQs