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Whaaaat? Over 20 special guests incl. Bela Fleck, Yasmin Levy, Twin Flames…

Hello friends, a million thanks to everyone who had contributed to our Indiegogo fundraiser so far for our new album!    We are so grateful to all of you and we are 35% the way to our goal now!    We start recording next week!

Thanks for making this project possible! And if you would share this with your friends to expand this loving circle that would be wonderful!  Folks can pre-order here https://igg.me/at/sultans

And our facebook link about the project! https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=298038454413269

Check out this incredible list of special guests!

Ahmed Moneka  – IRAQ / CAN
Amir Amiri – IRAN / CAN
Anh Phung – VIETNAM / CAN
Anwar Khurshid – PAKISTAN / CAN
Béla Fleck – USA
Donné Roberts – MADAGASCAR / CAN
Duke Redbird – OJIBWE ELDER / CAN
Edmar Castaneda – COLOMBIA / USA
Fethi Nadjem – ALGERIA / CAN
Gundem Yayli Grubu – TURKEY
Ifrah Mansour – SOMALIA / USA
Imad Al Taha – IRAQ / USA
Majd Sukar – SYRIA / CAN
Nagmeh Faramand – IRAN / CAN
Robi Botos – HUNGARY / CAN
Rosendo Chendy Leon – CUBA / CAN
Sammy Figueroa – PUERTO RICO / USA
Selcuk Suna –  TURKEY / CAN
Twin Flames – INDIGENOUS / CAN
Waleed Abdulhamid – SUDAN / CAN
Yasmin Levy – ISRAEL

Also the regular band including the fabulous Kevin Laliberté, Eddie Paton, Drew Birston, Chendy Leon, and our oftentimes guest singer Rebecca Campbell!

Thanks again and if you have not had a chance yet, please check out our VIDEO about the upcoming recording here