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Refuge – feat. Edmar Castaneda

Summer in Tehranto REFUGE Sizzle Reel

Hypnotica –  feat. Gündem Yayli Grubu

Hurricane – feat. Gundem Yayli Grubu, Sammy Figueroa, Mehmet Akatay

The Grand Bazaar – feat. Béla Fleck & Robi Botos

I’m Free – feat. Waleed Abdulhamid

Imad’s Dream – feat. Imad Al Taha and Ahmed Moneka

Weather Update – feat Donné Roberts, Anh Phung, Michel DeQuevedo (Album Version)

Asi Soy (This Is Me) – featuring Yasmin Levy

El Bint El Shalabeya: featuring Demetrios Petsalakis, Fethi Nadjem & Majd Sekkar

I am a refugee: featuring Ifrah Mansour

The power of the land: featuring Duke Redbird & Twin Flames