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More kudos for the Sultans of String

“Chris McKhool and the boys were fantastic!  They can play my Bar Mitzvah.” – Bob Ezrin, Producer (Pink Floyd, Kiss)

“If there’s a string, chances are these guys can tear it up!” – Vue Weekly

“Folk/world music group Sultans of String have forged an intelligent, creative, and seamless integration of some pretty wild world musical forms: flamenco, Arabic folk, Cuban rhythms, gypsy-jazz, Celtic music, and roots among them. Now, they’ve added a classical symphony to the mix with their new album, the appropriately titled, Symphony. It’s a testament to the songwriting prowess of Chris McKhool and Kevin Laliberté  that the essential dynamic of the band – the interplay between McKhool’s six-string violin and Laliberté’s flamenco guitar – is never lost under the power of the symphony, which is wisely used to just add depth and richness to the band’s sound. The result is an impressive attempt to bridge the gap between folk and classical.” – Wired

“Since they started out working as an instrumental duo, violinist Chris McKhool and guitarist Kevin Laliberte have kept adding players and guests, even occasional singers. Now there’s a whole orchestra backing the global fusion project on their new fourth album Symphony! But whether it’s four or 40, the band taps an irrepressible enthusiasm.” – Calgary Herald

[“There’s chemistry] in the violinist’s classical touch and Lebanese ancestry and the guitarist’s feel for rumba-flamenco grooves and jazz or rock jams. Today touches of Celtic, Gypsy jazz, Klezmer music and other influences fill out the mix… Symphony! manages to swing very nicely and the orchestra doesn’t sound like aural wallpaper for the band.” – Edmonton Journal

“Featuring an all-Canadian orchestra… the room is there for magic to happen within the forms of the written music, and the energy of the full orchestra is hard to beat. Crowds have been responding enthusiastically, with an interesting crossover happening – world and jazz fans are discovering orchestral music, while fans of classical music are delving into the sounds of the Sultans.” – Beach Metro News

“The Sultans win the admiration of audiences everywhere they play because they strike the perfect balance between brainy composition and fun execution! – Sunfest, 2008

“Thrill of improvising makes Sultans a thrill to experience… gripping suspense for both the audience and the musicians… Superb!” – Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal

“The playing is top notch and every track is a musical discovery!” – Errol Nazareth, Toronto Sun

“From family concerts to workshops to the late night after hours crowd… The Sultans of String owned every audience they played in front of at Northern Lights Festival. Brilliant energetic playing and a warm rapport with the listeners. We’ll definitely bring them back!” – Paul Loewenberg, Artistic Director, Northern Lights Festival Boreal

“I remember the shiver up my spine on hearing the calls of Luna- the west coast killer whale searching for his pod –amazingly recreated on Chris’ electric violin. Haunting, moving and not to be missed!” – Charles McFarland- Artistic Producer, Centrepointe Theatre

“What a great concert!  Two thumbs up for the Sultans of String who performed Saturday night. The four men in the group were fantastic instrumentalists!” – The Four-Town Journal, SK

“The affection for this group was palpable as the band alternated between sincere tributes to whales, Sable Island horses and Mayan ruins, meditative rumba flamenco and smokin’ East Coast kitchen parties… fiery solos … precise and melodic phrases.” – Cathy Riches, WholeNote

“They are players without borders, rejecting out of hand any notion that flamenco doesn’t work with gypsy jazz with, why not, some funk bass rumbling down below. It’s world music that transcends place and time with a heavy dose of playfulness added in.” – The Vancouver Province

“So many people piles into the hall that it was standing room only, which didn’t matter since most were up and dancing by the end.  Electrifying fiddler, Chris McKhool magically captured the cries of a young Orca separated from his pod, leaving many people in the audience mopping up tears.  The trio’s seamless performance and onstage chemistry delighted everyone in the room.” – The Local, Gibsons BC

“The music is exquisite, with wildly infectious rhythms, soaring violin parts, and rapid-fire guitar riffs.  And there is joy in their playing that is obvious in their faces.  The crowd erupted in wild applause after each number, and called them back for more!” – Bill MacLean, Beach Metro News

“It was impossible not to have a smile on your face with these terrific musicians.  Despite the band receiving a standing ovation and their general success in the music business, you got the sense of their down-to-earth natures and good humour.” – Snap Magazine, Toronto

“Sultans of String were a definite highlight of the festival.  Their original performances were a delight … consistently engaging and entertaining.  These are two talented, energetic musicians that we would like to see perform again and again.” – Bryan Bondy, Prince Edward Country Jazz Festival

“McKhool has discovered a new musical passion, a flamenco-rumba hybrid with a sexy rhythm.  On stage, the Sultans are terrific players who bring a real enthusiasm to the music. Their infectious energy has made them a hit on the festival circuit… It’s a really classy, dynamic mix of cultures and styles!” – Lynn Saxberg, The Ottawa Citizen

“What a night!  An evening of world-inspired instrumental folk that had our audience wide-eyed with wonder. “ – Rose Brooks, Just Milton Folks

“Groundbreaking… virtuoso… boundary pushing… infectious…visionary… brilliant… absolutely stunning!” – Sebastian Cook, The Live Music Report

“Kings of the strings!” – METRO Toronto

“Love those Sultans of String!” – Mary Ito, Fresh Air, CBC Radio One

“Innovative and expressive… the Sultans of String don‘t just cross musical boundaries, they break them down as they go!” – Chris Stanford, eVent Magazine, Kelowna

“Yalla Yalla is terrific!  Sultans of String have outdone themselves on this album — 10 tuneful tracks that are mystical and mesmerizing. This is Atomic World Jazz at its finest!” – Steve Clarke, CHES, “Acoustic Planet”

…an ingenious concoction of global rhythms… polished and playful” – Penguin Eggs

“Sultans of String is a joyous high energy trio, exhibiting exquisite musicianship, creating unique sounds, and always pleasing the audience.  Highly recommended!” – Howard Gladstone, City Roots Year Round

“Simply brilliant!” – Jeff Mifsud, 3NRG 99.3FM, Australia

“GREAT Album! The uplifting energy that comes from these songs has earned it a permanent place in my cd player.” – Andy Dooley-Miller, KVMR, 89.5 FM, California

“A well crafted, stylish CD filled with passion – the music is sublime yet is subtle, powerful and emotive. The compositions are stunning as is the playing!“ – Peter Merrett, PBS 106.7 FM Melbourne, Australia

“The lunchtime show attracted the largest crowd of any of our live music recordings… It was the perfect gig… a true touch of class!” – Andy Frank, CIUT FM, Toronto

“Chris McKhool is a great violin player who can bring a tear to your eye, goose bumps to your skin, or he can get the late feeders … onto the dance floor!” – Jaymz Bee, JAZZ.FM91

“Chris McKhool’s lush and lyrical violin playing is a favourite. There is no question that we hope to have him back again in the future.” – Larry Rossignol, Distillery Jazz Festival

“The response we had was great!  The music and the chemistry in the group was so exciting to watch.” – Allison Lynn, Music on the Hill Concert Series

“Chris McKhool (violin) and Kevin Laliberte (acoustic guitar) had the audience eating out of their hands… exhilarating & contagious… ingeniously arranged. creatively fascinating!” – Danny Gaisin, Halton Arts Review

“You just rock my world!” – Tabby Johnson CFRB 1010

“Kevin and Chris are two extremely talented and creative musicians.  Each of them have an extensive background in various traditions and numerous musical accomplishments to their credit. Their own compositions are… exciting and highly original. They are musicians and song writers of the highest caliber.” – Ken Whiteley, Producer

“An unforgettable night of lyrical magic!” – Le Commensale Jazz Series, Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival

“Luna is an organic mix of rumba, Gypsy, jazz, Middle Eastern and Spanish flavours – they all mix together beautifully. And it is brilliantly executed by Chris who plays 5 string electric violin and acoustic violin, and Kevin who plays nylon stringed guitar” – Errol Nazareth, CBC Radio One

“Your concert in Milton this year will stand out as one of the most memorable that we have ever put on… consummate professionals, with a genuine love for the music that you play.  The energy, musicality and sheer enjoyment with which you play was infectious to the whole audience.  We have had continuous, wonderful feedback and commentary from our audience members about that show.” – Andrew McIntyre, Milton Concert Presentations

“Marrying the sounds of the sensual, Gypsy-jazz violin (McKhool) and the delicate, rhythm-fueled flamenco-inspired guitar (Laliberte), the two visionaries take audiences on a profound musical journey.” – Ashley Goodfellow, Orangeville Banner

“In my thirty years as a concert producer and presenter I have seen thousands and thousands of musicians and bands perform, but I was still completely astounded by the musicianship and skill of these wonderful players.  Their compositions were rich, textured, original and fun, and were very well received by the audience.  I hope to book them into my music series in 2007-2008.” – Lillian Wauthier, Fiddles & Frets Music Prod., Acoustic Harvest Folk Club

“Award-winning singer-songwriter Chris McKhool takes his turn as the brightest star.” – Toronto Life Magazine

“Chris is a musical gift.  He not only sits in on gigs from time to time, he dispenses invaluable practical music biz advice.  He sings, plays violin, and other instruments that we’re probably not aware of; writes his own music and tours over 250 dates a year.  A man livin’ the dream, he’s very, very, good at what he does and always makes a huge impression on audiences.  He is an incredible fiddle player and I am honoured when he shares the stage with me.” – Ana Miura, singer-songwriter

“Jazz, folk or rock music, Chris listens and interprets, adding tonality and textures. Easy going, dedicated and truly articulate with his craft, he is an up and coming musician who is much in demand.” – Steve Fruitman, CIUT-FM