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Christmas Caravan hits BILLBOARD World Music Charts!










Hello friends, we are pretty excited that in it’s first week of official release, our Christmas Caravan CD hit #6 on the BILLBOARD World Music Charts! This is really exciting news for us, and was fuelled greatly by the pre-orders of the CD by all of you (in the mail as we speak). So I wanted to take a moment to thank you for continuing to be on our email list, and supporting us and our musical journey. We never take it for granted that what we are able to do in our lives, creating and sharing music, is a gift.

After decades of walls coming down around the world, it seems like we are now in an era of deepening divisions in world politics. With Sultans of String, as artists, we have always tried to emulate the kind of collaboration that we wish to see in the world, between peoples, and our political leaders. This is an album that could only have be made because of the collaboration of extraordinary artists from Cameroon, Sudan, USA, France, Cuba, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Turkey, and Ireland, working with each other towards a common goal.

There are six days left in our fundraising campaign. If you have been intrigued by the project, please take a moment to check it out here!

Special thanks to the following who contributed in a bigger way: Paulette Kirkey / Brian Dilks/ Alan Weekes/ Jessica Rodela/ Leonie Hartley-Hoover/ Christine Bode/ Timothy Welch/ Lyn Miller/ Duane Beard/ Ali Asghar Sherwani/ Kathy Liddle/ Barbara Brown/ Donna Henrikson/ Lawrence McNaught/ Mike Kologinski/ David Chernushenko/ Claudia Arianna/Jim Laliberte/Victoria Lee/May Kwan/Jennifer Duncan/Jane Nakamura. MANY THANKS!

Also thanks to DOWNBEAT Magazine for the amazing 4**** review!

Take care, and if you are a fan of Arabic Music, don’t forget we are opening up the first ever Festival of Arabic Music tonight at Toronto’s Koerner Hall, along with Iraqi folk star Ilham Al-Madfai. Full festival details here If you have read this far, and you are interested in a pair of complimentary tickets to tonight’s performance, shoot me an email and the first person who writes back before 10 AM this morning will receive the pair.

Many thanks for reading!