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New Quarantune Videos!




to everyone who sent in photos, and to Luminato Festival, and here it is! Our premiere of I’m Free by Sultans of String with special guest singer Waleed Abdulhamid. For this video, we asked people to send in photos and depictions of what they are missing the most, what they really, really want to do when COVID-19 restrictions lift. This time has been pretty rough for a lot of people, and we wanted to create something that helps connect us all, provide some hope and joy, and help us envision our future we can create when we get past this pandemic. We hope you enjoy this song, and you can hear the whole album at this link



here is our full video from the online Luminato Festival this year, with three very special artists, Indigenous Elder Duke Redbird, Somali-American refugee poet Ifrah Mansour, and Sudanese-Canadian Waleed Abdulhamid joining me and host Ange Loft to speak about our recording of Refuge. They will be sharing some of their musical backgrounds and inspirations.  These three artists are really fascinating people and they have been truly inspiring to collaborate with, and they will be revealing some of their artistic process and secrets. Also look for it on Air Canada’s video on demand service for the next month!




Canada, as a country, is in very many ways a work in progress. Our country’s history is filled with failures and mistakes in its relationship with Indigenous people, and our systemic institutional racism of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour has been in sharp relief in the last few weeks.
As a people, we need to be committed to working towards greater equity for all, with universal health care (still working on dental, and health care for migrant workers), government accountability, and an incredible natural environment worth fighting for.

What I really love about music is its ability to bring together people and cultures in a way that emulates what we love to see in the world, creating collaborations that break down the barriers that divide us, helping us to see our common humanity, and providing a model for peace.
With this in mind, we went into the streets of Toronto and invited people to write a message on our ‘Peace Kite’, and then flew it to spread the message of inclusion and peace across the country.
As we approach Canada Day, please enjoy our Sultans of String version of O Canada.

If you are a teacher or church, feel free to use this royalty free in your classroom.

Enjoy, and look forward to seeing you all again soon!  With lots of love, from Chris and Sultans of String!