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Tix avail now – May 15 livestream, and some great news!

Hi all, I hope you are all okay and staying safe out there,,,

We are so very grateful for those who have been attending our Livestream concerts. It has been so wonderful for us to keep in touch with you through these difficult times.

For those who have not attended one of our Zoom shows yet, or for those looking to experience the magic of a couple of new guests to our concert mix, please check this out!

Sat. May 15 at 8:00 pm EST
Sultans of String Livestream Zoom concert!

We will be performing some old gems, as well as newer songs with special guests; Leen Hamo, Waleed Abdulhamid, flamenco dancer Tamar Ilana, Iranian daf (percussion) player Naghmeh Farahmand, Greek oud player Demetrios Petsalakis, and more! These are amazing musical artists, masters of their craft, and we are very excited to collaborate with them.

Limited Tickets available:

This is over ZOOM, which is awesome because it is interactive, and we will be able to see and hear you, and you can see and hear us, and you can all see each other as well! It is a real show!

We have kept the ticket price low with a minimum $10 donation for the show, as many of our friends and fans are out of work right now. Please contribute what you can to support the arts through these strange times! $1 from each ticket sold is being donated to our UN Refugee Agency fundraiser.

If you are curious what the fuss is all about, click on this snippet from our last show!


Thanks to those who attended our awareness and fundraiser for Environmental Defence on April 24, where together we helped raise nearly $17,000 for this charity!  You will know that the creation of zombie highways through our precious greenbelt around Toronto is an issue dear to my heart. Here is an update from Environmental Defence: Yesterday, federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson agreed to our request for Highway 413 to undergo a federal environmental assessment.

This is fantastic news!

A federal environmental assessment is badly needed. Ontario’s provincial assessment process has been weakened so much that it can no longer do the job. The province was even proposing to start building “early works” like bridges in endangered species habitat before its limited environmental assessment was completed – which would have been dangerous and damaging.

Minister Wilkinson’s decision makes a big difference. Under the federal system there won’t be any “early works”, the assessment is more thorough, and the government can impose strict conditions on the project to prevent major environmental impacts that may make going ahead with it impossible.  The Minister decided to designate this project in large part thanks to the massive show of public concern that you and thousands of other Ontarians helped to build.

In gratitude,