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Hello Friends, and here is a new video to get your Friday morning moving!

Black Winged Raven is the new single off “Walking Through the Fire” by Sultans of String. It is a song that celebrates the project featuring Ts’msyen artist Shannon Thunderbird, who is originally from the Pacific Northwest coast of British Columbia: Gilut’sau Band of the Royal House of Niis’gumiik, Gispudwada (Orca) Clan. The lyrics are sung in Sm’algyax, with the music arranged with Sultans of String and the epic strings of the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

“Raven is the culture hero of the Pacific Northwest Indigenous People” explains Shannon, whose fireside chats, lectures, and original music open the minds and hearts of audiences to the rich culture and history of Canada’s Indigenous people. “My sister Kate Dickson and I grew up with the stories of Raven. He is a very robust character that our people, the Coast Ts’msyen love and respect – to this day we listen to these stories.”

Listen to the full album here

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See you there!