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Two very special days to celebrate!

Hello friends! We are celebrating two special days in this newsletter!

Earth Day 2024

Monday is Earth Day so here are two songs for celebrating! Some of you know that I have a completely separate career from Sultans of String – and that I LOVE performing for kids. It is SO much fun to have them become part of the band and we all make music together!  Here is a video from my show at the ROM on Family Day. You may want to have a coffee before watching this one haha!

And here is our video with the amazing poet Dr Duke Redbird, from our new Sultans album Walking Through the Fire.

Here is what Exposé Magazine had to say about this album: “These seem to be true collaborations, with equal input from the Sultans of String and their guests on each track, and it’s all superbly produced, with a powerful sound and punchy arrangements. In spite of the serious subject matter of many of the songs, there’s a sense of joy to the music that should appeal to many listeners, and maybe serve as a gateway to investigating the work of the collaborators as well.”


Record Store Day

Record Store Day is this weekend, and we are celebrating with all CDs and Vinyl 15% off in our Merch store – simply use SOS15 at checkout when you visit

We thank all of you for supporting us musicians any way you can, through buying CDs, coming to shows, or even just staying in touch by being on this email list!

Have a wonderful Sunday and look forward to seeing you soon!