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2013 / Fontana North (CA) / CEN Sony-RED (US) / Proper (EU)



Sultans of String had their triumphant live orchestra debut under the direction of Maestro John Morris Russell, conductor of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. Stunningly beautiful arrangements were created by Rebecca Pellett, an illustrious composer who has arranged for IMAX and Hollywood film productions.

This JUNO nominated recording, winner of the 2014 SiriusXM Indie Awards for World Music Group of the Year, features Sultans of String accompanied by a  55-piece symphony orchestra under the direction of conductor Jamie Hopkings, serving up their signature genre-bending, spicy stew of Spanish Flamenco, French Manouche Gypsy Jazz, Middle Eastern Folk, and Cuban rhythms. Special guests include Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains, singing superstars Dala, trumpet virtuoso Larry Larson, oud master Bassam Bishara and ukulele giant James Hill.


Symphony Musicians:

1st  Violins: Marie Bérard – Concertmaster, Carol Fujino, Lynn Kuo, Csaba Koczo, Angelique Toews, Paul Zevenhuizen, Aisslinn Nosky, Lenny Solomon, Bethany Bergman
2nd Violins: Wendy Rose, Dominique Laplante, Jayne Maddison, Aya Miyagawa, Nancy Kershaw, Ron Mah, Hiroko Kagawa, Parmela Attariwala
Violas: Doug Perry, Dan Blackman, Kent Teeple, Beveley Spotton, Chris Redfield, Angela Rudden, Jonathon Craig
Cellos: Paul Widner, Andrew McIntosh, Roberta Janzen, Olga Laktionova, Marianne Pack, Elaine Thompson
Basses: Alan Molitz, Robert Speer, Dave Longenecker, Eric Lee
Oboes: Dick Dorsey, Lesley Young,
Flutes: Les Allt, Julie Ranti
Clarinets: Joe Orlowski, Michele Verheul
Bassoons: Liz Gowen, Bill Canaway
Horns: Joan Watson, Gary Pattison, Bardhyl Gjevori, Janet Anderson
Trumpets: Larry Larson, Shawn Moody, Rob Weymouth
Trombones: Alistair Kay, Allistair Gaskin
Bass Trombone: Herb Poole
Tuba: Scott Irvine
Harp: Erica Goodman
Percussion: Mark Duggan
String Trio musicians on A Place to Call Home: Wendy Rose (violin), Dan Blackman (viola), Maurizio Baccante (cello)

Produced by Chris McKhool
Original song arrangements by Sultans of String
Symphonic Arrangements by Rebecca Pellett
String Trio Arrangement on A Place to Call Hom by Tania Gill
John Morris Russell- Creative Advisor

Symphony Sessions at Revolution Recording, Toronto:
Jamie Hopkings – Conductor
Rebecca Pellett – Orchestral Session Producer
Gary Gray – Engineering
Stephen Koszler – Assistant Engineer
Annelise Noronha – Assistant Engineer
Beverley Spotton – Contractor

Sultans bed tracks recorded by Jeremy Darby at The Canterbury Music Co., Toronto
Overdub engineer and editing by Kenny Luong
Additional engineering by Nicolas Tjelios
Paddy Moloney recorded by Brian Masterson at Soundscape, Dublin, Ireland
Percussion arrangements by Rosendo “Chendy” León

Mixed by Gary Gray at Chester Hill Studios, Toronto
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel
Design & Illustration by Kurt Firla
Photography by Kevin Kelly Photography